Riding a Rocket Podcast

Riding a Rocket Podcast

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Adam Ryan is the President of The Hustle.

He has been with the company since they were doing $10k a month in business to now doing over 8 figures a year.

Adam joined the company to be the first sales person but now runs the complete day to day operations.

In this episode, he talks about moving up quickly in the company, what it takes and what he recommends to anyone else who wants to move up fast at a startup. He also speak about how things are going at The Hustle during this crazy time, a few tips on how to get an interview and how to get a job at The Hustle.

Show Notes:

2:50 - Spiceworks taught him how to go from 1-100M

3:30 - Why Adam left under armor to joint the hustle

5:20 - Why Adam doesn’t love big companies

6:38 - 10K a month when he joined to $1.5M in a year.

8:17 - What made them change business model

8:57 - What it felt like to go from if to when

10:30 - What Adam uses weeks and nights to keep up with the growth of The Hustle

13:30 - How to be successful at a fast growing company (Adams first question he asked when hiring)

14:40 - Advice to people joining start ups

15:20 - How they’re handling corona. Contingency plans, etc.

17:20 - Is the hustle currently thinking about Layoffs

17:50 - Tools that will not get cut? Sales force and another big name

19:30 - Startups that stand out to Adam

20:40 - Adams billion dollar idea

23:00 - 100 million dollar ideas

24:20 - What Adam looks for in separating yourself as an employee

25:00 - How to get in the door about a company